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Marcia is a very dedicated and delicate teacher. I started to learn Portuguese knowing Spanish and she was very patient with me when correcting the same mistakes and my Spanish words many times. Also as a Spanish teacher she understands the nature of my mistakes and explained the differences between Spanish and Portuguese. She has lots of materials and exercises so that all our classes are planned before the class. I enjoyed her stile and the manner of our classes.

Evgeniya Teterina (Rússia)

Márcia is simply a phenomenal teacher. She is so patient when I speak and she always corrects my errors. My Portuguese has improved greatly over the past two years that Márcia has taught me.

Evan Kopf (Estados Unidos)

Yo soy alumno de marcia desde hace un año y puedo decirles que es una excelente profesora, muy dedicada, muy amable y con mucha paciencia. se interesa realmente por que aprendas, prepara el tema de de clase, sus clases son muy dinámicas con videos, lectura de extractos de revistas y estimula mucho la conversación. es una profesora muy preparada y aplica muy buenas técnicas de aprendizaje.

Ruben Eduardo Vázquez  (México)

Márcia is one of the most gifted teachers I’ve come across in my many years of studying languages in different settings. She is always focused and prepared, and develops excellent lesson plans with great content. As a result, I leave each lesson feeling like I’m learning and making progress.For someone who already speaks Spanish and who wants to learn Portuguese, she is particularly excellent, because she is fluent in Spanish and has taught Spanish. She can identify and explain the differences between these two very similar languages, and this has helped me enormously. I started studying with her in 2019 and hope to continue studying with her for many years to come.

Gali Gordon
(Estados Unidos)

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